291108 MusicBank Ye Eun & WG Pictures (Screencaps)

uh,wondergirls did not win yesterday but it’s okay, i still love their nobody! ‘i want nobody nobody but you x2’ actually i love their outfit yesterday, they looks so pretty with it 🙂 it’s kinda sad that wonder girls are promoting their ‘nobody’ song till this month, means left a few performances by them D: they’re heading america soon,jyp is waiting for them there. but looking into another perspective, it’s great that wonder girls finally have time o take a break and rest, they’re really busy this year. with ‘so hot’ and ‘nobody’, i feel that the really did well! 🙂 WONDERGIRLS HWAITING!

okay ye eun’s time now ~




fe7b1e55348308d8b645ae66sun mi looks so confident here! like her pose 🙂300f57a909b12ce01e17a29bSo Hee looks so cute here !1040244e668476d6d0c86a66


Wonder Girls!





One response to “291108 MusicBank Ye Eun & WG Pictures (Screencaps)

  1. pretty angel like dress.
    Yesterday,big bang won!

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