M! Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core and Inkigayo in a Nutshell

Since wondergirls appeared on most of them i think this is quite useful for you 😀

The following are information that I have researched about the four major music shows in Korea right now. All the times stated are Korean Standard Time, so please check your timezone. Shows are sometimes pre-empted or cancelled due to live broadcast of generic sports event or otherwise. Please check at their specific Soompi threads on the day itself to see if it’s showing.

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M! Countdown is shown every Thursday via MNET from 7 – 8pm. It’s currently hosted by Chae Yeon and Alex. Every week, two singers/groups are picked to vie for No.1. Winner is announced at the end of the show. How they calculate the scores are pretty vague but usually the most popular ones will win. Not verified, but it seems like you can win for a maximum of 3 times.

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Music Bank is shown Every Friday via KBS2TV from 6.30 – 7.40pm. It’s currently hosted by Yoo Se Yun and Seo In Young. Music Bank determines their No.1 weekly through their K-Chart ranking system by adding and ranking through album charts (20%), digital music charts (50%), and audience rating (30%).At the start of the show, the hosts will announce the top 3 and the winner will be revealed at the end of the show. There are currently no known limits on the number of times you can win K-Chart. Jewelry holds the record for six consecutive No.1 on K-Chart with One More Time in March and April.

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Music Core is shown every Saturday at 3.20pm and is currently hosted by Solbi, Dae Sung and Seung Ri. They do have a ranking system in the past but have since scrapped it and is now purely a music show. But it’s rumored that the last singer/group who performs is considered to be the No.1 academically.

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Inkigayo is shown every Sunday at 4.10pm and is currently hosted by Heo Yi Jae and Eun Ji Won. Inkigayo determines their Mutizen winner weekly through their chart called Take 7. The ranking takes into account street surveys, album sales, online/mobile music sales, numbers showing on TV and votes from mobile.

Take 7 participants are announced before the show and winner is revealed at the end. You can only win the Mutizen award for a maximum of 3 times.

What Are the Difference Between Stages
Comeback Stage usually refers to the singer/group debuting their new song and they usually perform 2 songs. Goodbye Stage refers to the last time the singer/group is performing on that particular music show. Special Stages are when artistes collaborate or to celebrate a special occasion or event.

Timezone Converter
Use this timezone converter to see when you have to get up/stay up until

Watching It Live
You are able to stream the shows live if you have a decent internet connection anywhere. The streaming for M! Countdown has not been working recently.

For Music Bank, watch it through KBS Able from their website and you need to register yourself (pretty straightforward) and login each time you view.

For Music Core and Inkigayo, I recommend downloading TVAnts. Just a few minutes before showtime, start up TVAnts, type in MBC or SBS depending on which show, then select the channel with the best quality.

Many thanks to dothat36@soompi, lazenca0, seoulfull.wordpress.com for providing some information about the various music shows in Korea.

Comment if you have additional info or if there are inaccuracies


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