Updated:Wonder Girls Christmas Peripera Pictures!

recently saw another wonder girls peripera christmas CF picture, thought it was nice so decided make another post for this 🙂

this is the new picture i found.d409eff26a98680fb07ec5951



this picture is the same as the picture in the middle, but this pic does show the peripera products.

credits: kholic@parkyeeun.wordpress.com


5 responses to “Updated:Wonder Girls Christmas Peripera Pictures!

  1. SunMi&Ye EunFan

    Very cool! I think So Hee and Ye Eun have been getting more closer than usual,although I like EunSun more,this is okay. lol Thanks for the pics!

  2. haha same here, eun-sun lover! 🙂

  3. ye eun is love . i saw the others pictures but haven’t see the first one .
    very cute what she wearing our park oppa aint no oppa anymore LOL

  4. The girls looks too pretty as santas!!

    They should seriously replace the real one LOl

    just kidding!! still want my christmas present !!

  5. cute ye eun.
    and congratulation the first pics is up on wonderhlic,
    and the words parkyeeun.wordpress can be seen clearly.
    I am so happy for u guys.

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