#2 Fanmade Video Of Ye Eun Featured In Ye Eun-Holic.

This Video Is the latest fan-made video of ye eun that i can find so far :]

I have also seek the permission of this video owner to let us post this video on our site.
I love this video because the owner of this video puts all the memorable parts of performance since ye eun’s debut. This video also include MKMF performance by wonder girls. In 07:34, i find her so cute!

this video will be featured in this site for 2 days.

Video Name: Park Ye Eun ( Wonder Girls ) – You Are So Wonderful!
After watching the video,You will realised YeEun is undoubtly talented. She also has a charming personality on top of that! she will always shine, thats why she’s called the ‘hidden treausre’ in wonder girls. PARK YOSA,really hope she gets all what she ever wanted and achieve her dreams!

anyway all these video can be found in multimedia section, do go and watch!

credits: hujanlebat(video’s owner)+kholic@parkyeeun.wordpress.com


One response to “#2 Fanmade Video Of Ye Eun Featured In Ye Eun-Holic.

  1. I really like this video.
    she collect all the songs on one ye eun.
    super touched.This showed that there is someone out there
    support our ye eun

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