[Caps+Stream] 081206 Ye Eun On Introducing Star friend.

I just finish watching and done with the caps!  Ye Eun’s friend coupled with 2PM Chansung’s friend
they were the only couple being paired successfully

this episode is a must to watch! tonight this clip probably will be out, anyway for now, just enjoy the caps! sry if it is not HQ. 🙂






alright, ye eun is sooo pretty right!?

credit :kholic@parkyeeun.wordpress.com(ye eun-holic)


Part 1






Part7 (end)


I love this episode! Don’t You?


5 responses to “[Caps+Stream] 081206 Ye Eun On Introducing Star friend.

  1. SunMi&Ye EunFan

    Yes,she does look very pretty,so then the unexpected outcome was 2pm and ye eun’s friend being a couple.

  2. Actually, I’m SunYe’s fan. And I watched Wondergirls stage because of SunYe. But, when I saw Ye Eun, I really liked her personality ! she was really funny and pretty and cool !!! So I like both of them now kk .. Ah, of course I like other memebers too !

  3. at first I was worried for ye eun’s friend ,luckily it turned ouut to be good.

  4. i thought her friend is pretty and cute! and her reactions of seeing the guys is just like a fan!hehe yeeun lookin so gorgeous~

  5. Hi,

    Can you reupload this episode? Or, let me know where it’s posted? I really want to watch this episode but can’t seem to find it. Thanks a bunch!

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