[Pictures] Ye Eun & Wonder Girls On Wonder Bakery EP6 – 10Magazine.com

Ye Eun Pictures  On Wonder Bakery Ep.6, All these pictures are posted on 10-magazine site 😀  Have you thought of what ye eun will do if she can’t finish selling the breads they made? I shall tell you, she will probably eat all those breads up herself. If I am In korea, i will definately buy the bread!

Anyway enjoy the pics below!


look at the guy behind! it’s so hilarious.3ab5305e91d2f59920091785a1c38d7a


Wonder Girls






Let’s look forward for wonderbakery ep.6!



3 responses to “[Pictures] Ye Eun & Wonder Girls On Wonder Bakery EP6 – 10Magazine.com

  1. ye eun,if you can’t finished selling all your braed.
    i will buy them from you!!!

  2. Did you notice the hippo on Ye Eun’s table? So cute! We love our Hippo!

  3. ugh! i saw >.< hippo ye eun! haha,yes we love her!

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