#3 Fanmade Video Of Ye Eun Featured In Ye Eun-Holic.

This Video is another fan-made video of ye eun, the contributor of this video is lad33x.

I myself love this video too because it captured every important moments of ye eun becoming confident,charismatic,humble (the list goes down like this…) person so it’s worth watching 🙂



5 responses to “#3 Fanmade Video Of Ye Eun Featured In Ye Eun-Holic.

  1. I saw this video before and I liked it much,it was one of the video in my favourite list.i was touched by the part when yeeun had no hesistation jumping down from the sky,it really need a lot of courage to do that.

  2. hehe thanks for posting this up. ye eun is so awesome and this was my first video of hers. by the way i’m a girl and my name is jade 😀

  3. i love ye eun!! i had so much fun watching this!! YE EUN FORVER!!!

  4. this was also touching, seeing this and looking at the present wonder girls.. oh boy, how far have they gotten!!! come to the philippines please!!!

  5. ohhh I saw this on youtube!! It was amazing!!
    COME TO CANADA PLEASE!! THey always go to the States, and Canada is just above the States.

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