[Translation] 2 Ye Eun’s UFO Reply To Fans (Part1)

I  manage to find people to help me translate ye eun’s ufo reply to her fans, today will show 2 of her UFO reply, I still have collected some, will post it on other days. For Your Information, i am posting the earliest reply to the latest 🙂

UFO Character: untitled-2ufocharactger

For those who do not know what is UFO reply, please take a look here : UFO, a fan letter service, which makes it possible to send messages to stars through a cellphone and Internet, was opened to the public.

Through this service, fans can send a letter FLY (Text FLY) or Photo FLY (Photo FLY) using a specific number assigned to the star. The messages are transmitted with the use of a UFO facility installed in the star’s house, dance studio, recording studio and office in real-time.

A specific number is assigned to a UFO star (#7000-XXXX) to enable fans to send messages. It can be done through a cellphone or the star’s UFOtown official home page

1) Date: 30th january 2008.


2) 27th July 2008

6Credit: kholic@parkyeeun.wordpress.com(ye eun-holic)


5 responses to “[Translation] 2 Ye Eun’s UFO Reply To Fans (Part1)

  1. ye eun’s UFO reply in 27th July 2008 was…… aaawwwww…

  2. SunMi&Ye EunFan

    Aww,I agree that was sweet Ye Eun is ❤

  3. lol, for ye eun’s answer.

  4. hahahaha …YeEun ah, Sunye and u do everything so good..hahah
    She must think her leader is amazing…so are u baby girl, so are you

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