[Pics] Wonder Girls Relationship Chart.

interesting ? i don’t know what happen to sun mi & ye eun,  i thought they were close.

Note : This Is Fan-Made, so it might not be totally true and this is make quite early when wonder girls is still in tell me period, but..

Sun Mi Love Our Earth is definately true! No dobuts!untitled-3

credit: http://www.parkyeeun.wordpress.com (ye eun-holic)


8 responses to “[Pics] Wonder Girls Relationship Chart.

  1. yea.. i thot there was a eunsun couple..

  2. SunMi&Ye EunFan

    what? there is a Ye Eun and So Hee couple,I mean I think I’m seeing more of them together than EunSun,but can anyone tell me what it’s called for Ye Eun and So Hee couple.

  3. lol.. i thought also that there’s a eunsun couple….-_- (my fav. couple) ^^

  4. yeah, eunsun couple.
    happy tht a lot of people liked eunsun couple.

  5. this is a veryy old chart, and eusun wasn’t born yet…hahaha

  6. ^ lol.. yeah.. i think that to.. haha


  8. yeah I agreed, I don’t think EunSun couple was born yet hahaha
    I love EunSun coupple too ❤

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