[Discussion+Pics] Wonder Girls Should Be The One Winning Digital DaeSang On Golden Disk 08?

Here is all the statistics and record on wonder girls’s nobody and so hot.

it is shown clearly that wonder girls in fact should be the one getting the digital daesang on golden disk, not jewelry?





Actually i feel that jewelry ‘baby one more time’ was not that bad, but from all the records & statistics, wonder girls ‘so hot & nobody’… Wonder Girls Should Be The One Getting Digital DaeSang Award? :/

Credit: http://www.parkyeeun.wordpress.com (ye eun-holic)


7 responses to “[Discussion+Pics] Wonder Girls Should Be The One Winning Digital DaeSang On Golden Disk 08?

  1. ahh i really think wonder girls deserved the big award. i don’t trust the golden disks award anymore 😦 i’m still happy for wonder girls and our park ye eun!!

  2. seeing the stactistic
    this showed that golden disk was…..
    How can bb does not even get an award!

  3. lets just live up to our names as ManerFuls,
    and instead of getting riled up we should
    just look onto next year when the girls WILL
    get more awards, this night def meant something
    to them and im sure that they wanted to win
    more awards, so they will try harder, and we
    gotta be there to support…

  4. its because jewelry actually released an album. WG only released singles.

  5. when wonder girls didnt win Daesang.. i was not satisfied at first.. but watching their performance last night i didnt care about the award anymore…
    i can feel their performance is the gift from the girls to us
    to show how much thankful they are cause we always show love & support to them
    they still win my heart and i am proud to be Wonderful..

  6. I understand that this year was the Wonder Girls year and they should have bagged the DaeSung Digital Award but I guess mini albums (the So Hot album) don’t count. So if you count just the Nobody albums, they are short about 1,000 from Jewelry’s 10,000+. So let’s just be happy. Besides, it took Jewelry the WHOLE year to get that stats and Wonder girls Nobody a couple months… So we know who the real winners are in our hearts. 🙂

  7. i say congrats to all… WG gave us a memorable year…I say let’s remember all the great moments…Also its just an award…Our girls achieved much more than a award can’t even come close to reward….

    BTW I’ve been looking for YeEun’s ahaba for the longest time…hers is the only one I never found…kawaiiiii!

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