[Fan-Made Pic] Random Wonder Bakery Poster

Some great stuffs to share ! I am sharing 1 today, tomorrow will up sharing more of it. i think i have around 30 plus ,i can make it to a collection?

look at the pic below! wonderbakery! it is fan-made and i just love this kind of fan-made poster, don’t you find it creative? and as you can see, the picture was originally from a movie but they add wonder girls in it 🙂

uh, why ye eun is smoking in this poster..


I have more of this kind of posters, but i think i will share it next time 😀 STAY TUNED!

Credit:www.parkyeeun.wordpress.com(ye eun-holic)+daum


5 responses to “[Fan-Made Pic] Random Wonder Bakery Poster

  1. so sad why always make ye eun into a man? look forward for your poster collection.

  2. HAHA quite funny!! Were you the one who photoshopped these?

    I can’t wait for your other 30 posters!!!

  3. to pera:

    haha thanks! but ye eun look ‘man’ & cute in that poster!

    to bonnie:
    nope not me, i found at daum.
    but i know how to do,just have no time to make such pictures.

    and look forward tmr for the 30 fan-made posters of wonder girls 🙂

  4. haha.. ye eun unnie is a bit chubby in here.. but STILL CUTE~!

  5. haha this is hillarious^^

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