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Like some of you guys out there , my school term have started again . Being my final year in my secondary school . I really have to put in effort , not saying i`ll neglect this site but i`m trying hard . Do bare with it okay ? And really thanks to the 3 person above. They`ve helped me with posting , they have their own wordpresses yet they still find time for helping me . Thanks to everyone . Happy belated new year 😀

Updated Announcement (6th December) :

Once again, we would like to thanks all those readers who are willing to spend time commenting on our post! Recently we realised there is an increase in the number of comments, all these comments give us,the authors encouragement & motivation to provide readers with more great stuffs in the future! YE EUN-HOLIC HWAITING! 감사합니다!


Once More I would Like To Say A BIG THANKS to Everyone who have supported this site!

We have 57 users online On 5th dec Night (i did not manage to capture the 57 figure), though this may not be a huge number compared to other sites but we still feel contented because normally there would be around 7-8 users online. Keep on supporting this site, we will promise to bring you the lastest,newest news/pictures/videos/downloads and more stuffs about Ye Eun & WONDERGIRLS, ye eun-holic hwaiting!

Highest Record of No. Of Users Online : 57


16 responses to “Pinned:Announcement Board!

  1. x]] aww i’ll will help & i am so late i just noticed about this blog
    like today. so yeah you got good info on her too. YE EUN JJANG

  2. Hi! love your site and Park ye eun so you got yourself a fan lol

    Ill be checking the updates and comment!

    Keep up the good work! Fighting!!

  3. thankyou! please continue to support ye eun and this site and SPREAD THE LOVE!

  4. i love ye eun so much

  5. I’ll help by commenting! 😛

  6. hoho,as long as you hv updated new post.
    I willbe commenting.
    guys,keep up the good job.
    this blog’s hit is increasing tremendously in these few days.

  7. Thanks people for giving support and encouragement .
    We willl definately do a better job and try our best to produce for you the best
    parkyeeun informations the internet could offer !

  8. congratulation,keep up the good work.
    you guys are doing well!

  9. congats!! 🙂
    this site is awesome!

  10. congrats yeeun-holic! (:
    woots, love the snow! hah.

  11. I am sooo happy you opened this forum!!
    yE eUN is my favourite in WG!
    woot woot!!

  12. Ye Eun! I’m so glad that there are so many fans of Ye Eun Unnie! FIGHTING!

  13. congratulation, support you got mines!!
    this is acutally one amazing site,
    i love ye eun!!!

    keep it coming..

  14. Luv Ye Eun and the site! Thanks!!

  15. O_O omg what happen to your comp??
    fast fix your comp T-T i miss yeeun

  16. WONDERSIX! ARE AWESOME <3333333 wah…. im in love with you people

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