Just watched the whole episode. very hilarous . Especially while catching fish . Sunmi and the other girls were shouting like mad . HAHAHAHAHAHA . I would say sunmi and sohee were the rather “timid” ones . Yeeun and Yoobin`s the braver ones. You maybe wondering why sunye isn`t in . She`s excluded to make the game fair . The groups later used short and long chopsticks to feed one another . A series of questions were asked to test out WG`s knowledge of one another . Shall stop here . Shan`t be a spoiler 😀

credit : Kazaf10@parkyeeun.wordpress + YH@Parkyeeun.wordpress


3 responses to “[Caps]WG @ SBS KNN`s JEOLCHIN NOTE 081119

  1. omg do you where we can watch the show?? I would love to see this episode!!
    I am happy that all the WG’s are getting clsoer now haha.

    YeBin have always been the braver ones. YeEun just does everything ..from bungee jumping to any extreme stuff haha. Afterall she is Park OPPA.

  2. omg! its finally out, but where can i watch the show…i’m excited now!..thanks!

  3. i lol-ed at sunmi in the fish scene.
    LMAO gosh shes hilarious
    haha with all the screaming and squealing from them
    yeeun+food = ❤

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