[Pics] Wonder Girls Freestyle Street Basketball Promo Pics

New promo pictures again.










The CF was filmed in a basketball court situated in Gyeonggi-do. A variety of basketball tricks including 360° dunk, 3-pointers, etc by the Wonder Girls will be shown in the CF which was quite a torture for them. As it was already winter in Korea, the Wonder Girls had to be clad in basketball jerseys and shorts but it was a fun experience for them nevertheless. CF will be released on 29th.

ugh, it’s pretty sad they nvr relaeased solo pic of ye eun T.T

credit: k-holic@parkyeeun.wordpress.com(ye eun-holic)+wondergirls wonderland


6 responses to “[Pics] Wonder Girls Freestyle Street Basketball Promo Pics

  1. love ye eun style!

  2. I was really mad
    they nvr include ye eun solo pic

  3. yes! why there is no yeeun pic!! 😦
    but still they all look cute

  4. Yoo Bin is a cutie…..#23 my favorite number for a bball jersey. Yoo Bin Hwighting!

  5. they were so cute! it’s ok

  6. *sigh* no solo pic for ye eun..? It’s sad saying this but it was a bit expected -.- Maybe we’ll have to wait longer? The pictures look cute~

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