[Translation] Ye Eun UFO Reply (Part4)

Hey ye eun lovers, i am back with ye eun ufo reply part4 =D



28th nov 08


16th nov 08


ye eun’s reply sometimes is quite weird, i don’t really understand.

But is okay, we still love her 😀

Credit k-holic@parkyeeun.wordpress.com(ye eun-holic)


4 responses to “[Translation] Ye Eun UFO Reply (Part4)

  1. haha the first reply is quite harsh but very funny and direct..ouch!

  2. lol…love the first reply…should focus on your studies instead of breaking people’s hearts…hhhhahaaaaaha

  3. SunMi &Ye EunFan

    I have to say I agree with her first UFO reply,I mean maybe the fan wrote it in a way where they were not playing,I mean usually there would be a kekeke j/p or j/k or even =P,but this fan didn’t ,I’m not saying hate Sun Mi,I love her,but the fan really didn’t have to say that.

  4. lol i liked the first reply 🙂
    haha ❤

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