[News] Wonder Girls, 7 Jan 2009 ‘Date with 100 fans’ (translated)

From the popularity of ‘So Hot’ and ‘Nobody’ in 2008.

Wonder Girls will hold a fan meeting for the first time in the new year.


The fan meeting will be held on 7th January 2009, 4pm at Seoul, Cheongdam Art Hall. The fan meeting will hold about 100 people.

Wonder Girls had prepared lots of stuffs for this first fan meeting of this year in order to keep fans happy.

Of such, fans will receive autographed gifts from the Wonder Girls themselves & also, will have a chance to interact upclose & personal with the girls.

On the day of the fan meeting, the gallery hall will also display all the photographs taken of  Wonder Girls as exhibitions.

[Original Article: My Daily]

[Translation: sunmijjang.wordpress.com]


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