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[pictures] Wondergirls new CF?

credit :민닷  & kimjaewon @ soompi


[Pics]Wondergirls seoul concert pictures



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[interview]Wonder Girls answer Ningin’s Top 10 Q’s

Wonder Girls are in Korea now, but they answered questions from Ningin readers over email. Originally we were going to ask your questions in a video interview. Unfortunately, both Wonder Girls’ and Ningin’s schedules didn’t work out before they left for Korea.

We got a lot of questions sent in from Ningin readers. In the end, we picked 10 questions to send the Girls. Do you see one of yours?

Take it away, Wonder Girls!

After only two years since debuting, you’ve already accomplished so much. What’s your proudest Wonder Girl moment?
Of course we had many proud moments during the two years we’ve been together, but our first concert was the proudest moment we’ve experienced so far. As you know, we just had our concerts in Bangkok and the U.S. We felt so grateful to have our first concert overseas.

How did you celebrate the Wonder Girl two-year anniversary?
Our fans gave us an anniversary cake and made us a storybook filled with episodes from our performances, concerts, and TV shows. We celebrated with the cake that our fans gave us.

Why choose “Nobody” as the first US single?
The American public responded so well to “Nobody” that we believe it’s best suited for western culture.

What did you like the most about the US tour?

New York City because it’s the Big Apple. Everyone was so unique and we were excited to perform there.

If you could bring one element of American culture back to Korea, what would it be?
I think a very respectable part of Americans is that there is no age limit in being friends. People can be friends with each other despite their age.

Each single — “Tell Me”, “So Hot” & “Nobody” — had their own Wonder Girl theme. What will the next one be like?

I’m not 100% sure what the concept will be, but I’m sure that it will be unique to the Wonder Girls style and concept.

Are the you planning to release a full length album anytime soon?

There are no exact plans yet, but we’re working on it.

Are there any artists you want to collaborate with, either Korean or American?

We have a very famous singer in South Korea named In Soon E. She’s a legend and very talented. So, we would be delighted to collaborate with her.

What’s on your iPod now?
Beyonce’s “Halo” is a favorite for all of us.

What’s the best part of being a Wonder Girl?
It’s great being part of the Wonder Girls. Many people follow our dance moves, sing along to our songs, and young kids want to be like us. So, we get a chance to be role models.

Thanks to Wonder Girls for taking the time for questions! We’re looking forward to their American return, which will be soon…

credit: ningin and ll_borderline@soompi

[Photos] (SUPER HQ) Wonder Girls New Twitter Homepage Skins


credit : sunmijjang.wp

[NEWS] Wonder Girls, ‘Nobody’ Ringtones in US 090325

Girl-group, Wonder Girls’popular song, ‘Nobody’ mobile ringtones is available in the US.

Thumbplay, a mobile content company in the US has made Wonder Girls’ Nobody ringtone services.

The currently there are samples of Wonder Girls’ song ‘Nobody’ and ‘Nobody’ remix versions. There are a total of more than 20 versions available.

Thumbplay on Wonder Girls, “As the creator of one of Asia’s biggest superstars, Rain, JYP Entertainment brings you their next biggest phenomenon, Wonder Girls. The Wonder Girls, five female teenage sensations hailing from the east as music royalty, is finally making their highly anticipated US debut.”

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls will be holding their concert at Olympic Park Fencing Stadium in Seoul on the 28th March.

[Source: StarNews]

[NEWS] Yoo Bin’s Parents Visits The Wonder Girls Performances During The United States Tour 090326

[Song Yun Sae @ Newsen]

Wonder Girls United States performance got a surprise visit from G.O.D’s Park Jun-hyung, to cheer the Wonder Girls on, & of course, Park Jin Young.

On the 27th, the broadcast of Mnet’s “Welcome To Wonderland” will show you the successful concert that was put up by the Wonder Girls in the United States, which has caught many’s attention.

Park Jun-hyung was recently in the states after his shooting for his latest film, Dragonball Evolution, was surprised to see the Wonder Girls were performing here. After a long time, he is able to meet up with Park Jin Young and he jokingly added “the acronyms of Wonder Girls (which is W.G) should be read as “Wonder GOD”?”

On the other hand, Yoo Bin’s parents were present at the concert to show their support & to give their fullest strength to the performers. Yoo Bin is happy & pleased to see her parents coming, as it symbolises a reunion for her after a long time.

In particular, being a star’s mom, Yoo Bin’s mother has an incredible sense of fashion. And oftenly, her mom was mistaken for her sister, due to the dressing up. After this episode’s broadcast, a topic is expected to be talked about.

The brilliant performances & eye catching faces of the Wonder Girls will be aired 27th on Mnet cable channel.


[Pinned] Yeeun birthday project

This you`ll be our first attempt trying to do a project .
The following items will be sent to JYP HQ .
Hope all of the members will be involved , hopefully XD .

She`ll be able to whip a nice meal , when no one`s at home

Message book
Show how wonderfuls from yeeunholic love her

Dateline for messages : 10 april 2009 (23.59 GMT +8) , collated by admins and put into a scrapbook .You can email to me at or visit yeeun-holic forum , there’s a thread for you to type your msg there .

Let her know that such forum exists for HER!

I know it isnt much , but thats all we can think off .


Please e-mail all your entries to

Please click the yeeun birthday project pictures to proceed to the forum