[info] Ye Eun spotted at church. :D

Our beloved Queen of  Gag was spotted attending church in US, sadly the other unnies was no where to be found.

YeEun diligently attends church even when she’s away, ^^ from home

I thank xxLove812 for capturing this. She’s such an angel  😀

OMG YeEun was at church today! It was only her which kind of surprised us. We kept like looking around to see if Sunye or Yoobin would like pop out and sit with her but YeEun was just by herself. At first she sat in the middle section and one lady that works there, liked asked her to move to the other side of the hall which made it harder for us to see! Lol but before she moved I managed to get only a shot of her head…the back of her head rofl xD Trust me, I’m beating myself right now for not going up to her before the mass started because when it was over, we lost her! T-T

But yeah, before she got there we were actually thinking of leaving and I was getting doubts that they would actually show up but then, YeEun came!
And I started spazzing rofl xD She looked gorgeous even without makeup. Hmm, I really couldn’t tell how tall she because the hall goes downhill the
closer you get to the stage and I couldn’t see if she was wearing heels or not. But yeah… I SWEAR SHE KEPT LOOKING OUR WAY and each time I’d look away rofl xD I was like kind of star struck but like I didn’t want her to feel weird. The other reason why I didn’t approach her was because it was CHURCH. I was kind of afraid that she might get offended, you know? But yeah…

Only the back of her head and it’s blurry because I was shaking from the excitement T-T


One response to “[info] Ye Eun spotted at church. :D

  1. oh my gosh ye eun at church !
    that’s sooo cool 🙂

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