The 2009 JYP TOUR in NYC at the Hammerstein Ballroom on March 8th, 2009 kicked some major ass, as I was pleasantly surprised by the Wonder Girls and their performances. Contrary to popular belief, the Wonder Girls put on powerful performances and their vocals were pretty damn good. Yes, even Sohee. Unbelievable? Maybe, but believe it, I was there firsthand to witness the entire concert and they can definitely sing. As for 2PM, that’s another story, but the fan girls absolutely loved their performances. The ears, not so much.

J-Lim opened the night, and my God, can this girl sing. It’s a shame she only had one song during the entire show. As for JYP, he’s definitely an entertainer and his vocals are quite amazing. He’s definitely got some moves as well, and believe it or not, girls were just dying to be picked and taken home for the night by JYP himself (see photos below). With that said, the concert was definitely kick ass and did not disappoint. But it was pretty much the same as the LA concert from a few days back, for a full review of the concert, check out Eunice’s write up.

Enjoy the shots! I was literally 5 feet away on some of them.

Special thanks to Yoomee of Powerhouse Entertainment.

i’ve zipped all the photos here LINK

source : allkpop

credit parkyeeun.wordpres


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