[news] Wonder Girls win The Group of the Year Award

Today, the Wonder Girls were chosen as “The Group of the Year” by Netizen vote at the 6th Korean Music Awards. Unfortunately, they couldn’t attend because the girls are busy with their activities in America.

A representative of JYP Entertainment, Mr. Jeong Woo accepted the award on their behalf. He read a pre-written statement saying that the Wonder Girls were sad because they couldn’t be in attendance, but were so happy to win the award and thanked all the fans. He also stated that Sohee is a huge fan of Jang Ki-Ha, Sohee specifically said to mention this. In response the camera showed Jang Ki-Ha with a very happy smile.

Congratulations Wonder Girls, I can’t wait for your eventual comeback in Korea. Speaking of comeback, there’s rumors that they’ll be back in September but no one has verified this. The sooner, the better!

credit: allkpop


2 responses to “[news] Wonder Girls win The Group of the Year Award

  1. congrats^^
    tears T^T
    i’m really proud of them

    from now on..
    fighting fighting WG & WF!!! :DD

  2. yeah i think coming back in Sept. would relief them from the other artist. b/c in mid-year there is going to be a lot of comeback which would mean a lot of competition. Well; YG Entertainment did say that Female BB are releasing digit single every month after their debut until the end 2009. and i hope Female BB aren’t too competitive. “SoHee and CL are friends”. hahaha.. i just had to add that lil’ part about SoHee&CL.

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