‘MTV Heroes,’ A Music Documentary Program of 12 Teams of In-Country Idols… Unveils Girls’ Generation & Wonder Girls’ Debut Times

A music documentary that includes all the stories of idols, who have become Korean music’s deification, will be aired for the first time.

MTV, a global music entertainment channel, has arranged a special program, ‘MTV Heroes (or ‘Heroes’),’ that will choose 12 teams of ‘5-star super idol stars,’ who have influenced the music industry, and observe their past through their present.

The star that will start off the show on the upcoming 15th will be Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation have raised their awareness through their debut song “Into the New World” and a show called ‘MTV Girls’ Generation.’

The producer of ‘Heroes,’ Lee Han Hyung, revealed that “Viewers who love stars will find happiness by watching not only the stars’ present moments but their activities from the past as well” and that “we have prepared a special show that contains everything about the stars, who have been with MTV all the time, to satisfy the viewers’ desires.”

‘Heroes,’ which will open its first door on the upcoming 15th, will air the moments of stars who have received the most love from the public during the past 5 years, including Wonder Girls, Super Junior, Big Bang, Rain, SS501, Dong Bang Shin Ki, Lee Hyo Ri, Se7en, Boa, Shinee, and F.T Island, every Sunday night at 8:50PM.

[Daily Economy Star Today Kim Seung Yeong Intern Reporter]

translated by bigbangnyuh

Credits to 징요추종자 for posting on bbvipz + YG World + dothat36 + parkyeeun.wordpress.com


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