[info] wondergirls merchandise sales @ korea concert

3000Won=2.12367 US$
5000Won=3.53945 US$
200000Won=14.14779 US$
1. Phone strap: 3000 Won
2. Photo Set: Nobody Set 3000Won (With Member’s Messages)/ So Hot Set 3000 Won
3. Limited Poster: 5000Won
4. Handwritten Sticker Sets: 5000Won
5. Limited T-Shirts: 20000Won
6. Card Case: 3000Won (Only sold in Seoul, because they aren’t made yet they can’t be sold in Busan. Sry.)
At the place you can’t pay with card so people who want to buy, have cash ready.

Yeowangbong (The Light Stick)
Pls follow the cheers at the concert just like at the on air programs.
If you use non-offical cheap cheering products you could clash with other fans.
Please don’t buy any Light Sticks at the concert place with a different colour, that might cause problems with other fans.
Wondefuls are smart so we know you’ll keep these rules.
The Light Sticks can be bought where concert supply is sold at.

translation credit :Luxtoraa ❤


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