[News] Wonder Girls Hold Their First Concert! 090321

Wonder Girls are finally holding their own concerts titled ‘The 1st Wonder‘. After performing in Bangkok and the States (LA, Orange County, New York), the girls are finally having their first-ever solo concert in Korea. Debuting in 2007 with Irony, they have quickly climbed up in less than 2 years with their hit songs like Tell Me, So Hot, and Nobody and have enjoyed an immense amount of popularity. Through this concert, the girls will definitely show off their lovely selves and perform their hit songs with a never-before-seen concept. In fact, proof of the Wonder Girls’ popularity came when their tickets were sold out after just 30 minutes. Because this was their first concert in Korea, they revealed, “because this is our first concert for our fans in Korea, we are anticipating it more. We’re more nervous than ever though because it is for our fans who have loved the Wonder Girls more than anyone. We have worked hard for a great finale and for the concert over all, so we hope that many people will come enjoy it with us.” All those lucky fans in Korea will get a chance to see the Wonder Girls, if they can get tickets fast enough. These are the available concert merchandise: CLICK HERE TO VIEW CONCERT MERCHANDISE(S)

[Source: Allkpop+sunmijjang.wordpress.com]


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