[News] Wonder Girls, first solo concert in Korea on 21st 090322


5 member girl group Wonder Girls have finished their first solo concert in Korea.

Wonder Girls had on the 21st in the afternoon in the KBS Hall in Busan for nearly 2h their first solo concert.
Wonder Girls had their first concert in Thailand and continued in America La, Orange County, NY etc with JYP with more concerts.

But having a concert in Korea is the first after their debut in 2007.

Wonder Girls’ company JYPE revealed on 22nd morning to Money Today Star News, “Wonder Girls finished their concert yesterday (21st) in Busan and now they are resting in Seoul”

According to JYPE there were about 5000 fans at the Busan concert.
JYPE also revealed that:” Wonder Girls had perfed Tell Me, So Hot and Nobody such hit songs and also showed new sides of themselves and performed in 2hours of great cheering.”

They also said that “even after the encore stage the fans kept cheering so you could even see crying”
On 28th afternoon they will hold a concert in Seoul in the Olympic Fencing Hall.

[Source: Starnews]
[Translation: Luxtoraa@sunmijjang.com]


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