[news] wondergirls rank 8 on star power list

Entertainment Leaders, Power Star 20

1위 Rain 88 votes
2위 Kim Yuna 72votes
3위 Bae Yongjun 60votes
3위 Jang Donggun 60 votes
5위 Yoo Jaesuk 55 votes
6위 Big Bang 48 votes
7위 Park Jinyoung 32 votes
8위 Wonder Girls 29 votes
9위 DBSK 22 votes
9위 Kim Myeongmin 22 votes
11위 Kang Hodong 21votes
11위 Cho Yongpil 21votes
11위 Kang Woosuk 21votes
14위 Song gangho 19 votes
15위 Lee Hyori 17 votes
16위 BoA 16 votes
17위 Ahn Sungki 15 votes
17위 Park Taehwan 15 votes
19위 Lee Soo Man 14 votes
20위 Kim Taehee 12 votes

[source: wonderholic]
credit:monmoon on soompi
[Translation: Sunmijjang.com]


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