[Pinned] Yeeun birthday project

This you`ll be our first attempt trying to do a project .
The following items will be sent to JYP HQ .
Hope all of the members will be involved , hopefully XD .

She`ll be able to whip a nice meal , when no one`s at home

Message book
Show how wonderfuls from yeeunholic love her

Dateline for messages : 10 april 2009 (23.59 GMT +8) , collated by admins and put into a scrapbook .You can email to me at Yonghong@live.co.kr or visit yeeun-holic forum , there’s a thread for you to type your msg there .

Let her know that such forum exists for HER!

I know it isnt much , but thats all we can think off .


Please e-mail all your entries to Yonghong@live.co.kr

Please click the yeeun birthday project pictures to proceed to the forum


One response to “[Pinned] Yeeun birthday project

  1. happy birthday ye eun sister my birthday is march 26 i like you hehe

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