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[photo] Wonder Girls’ Facebook Update, 090429

“Thank you for all the gifts!!!”

Mimi’s birthday is only 2 days away!!

Source: Wonder Girls’ facebook


[stream] Wonder Girls Mnet Bling Bling Star, 090428

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[Info] Wonder Girls Facebook Update 090428

[Source: Wonder Girls Facebook]

[PICTURES] Wonderfuls Met The Wonder Girls – Yoo Bin & Ye Eun 26-04-2009

They cant get a photo of them but their autographs is good enough…

[credits: h0ney_xT @ wondergirls soompi thread +]

Help SunMiJjang forums’ birthday project!!

Help needed!!

 Please participate in Sunmi’s birthday project >.< We need more letters from fans for our sunmi bday project, just simply write your wishes/things u wanna say to her and mail it to [] you can do it in plain text (microsoftword) or a photo format.

 so after u’re done, just add the below infomation in the mail for our labels.

1) id

2) name

3) country


– a message by –


Just a shoutout to wonderfuls about sunmijjang’s birthday project. please do help them out! 😛

[Info+Stream] A Special Event Coming Up For Wonder Girls Fans on Myspace & Facebook 090425

2PM share their love by asking fans all over the world to support the Wonder Girls while they’re in the US!

Don’t forget to sign up for both Facebook & Myspace account and add Wonder Girls for exclusive events coming up ONLY FOR THOSE who are fans/friends of Wonder Girls on their pages!

[Source: Wonder Girls Facebook]

[Photos] Wonder Girls UFO, Best Replies 090422 (Trans)



Source: UFO

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