[info] Yeeun New Cyworld entry

First off, here it’s
12PM on Friday the 3rd~ keke
I was supposed to write last night
But I was so sleepy that I gave up…

What I did yesterday was
In the morning, there’s this place called Whole Food Market,
It’s a place where they sell organic products, so I bought some stuff to eat keke
Then I ate at the dorm..
There’s someone here who makes our food here
And she cooks using all organic products without using any preservatives keke
But it tastes good… It’s amazing keke
Then I went to the recording studio..

I stopped by the Sony store and bought a USB
But I found the one I brought as I was unpacking – –
But the problem is that the CD was only Windows-compatible (my computer’s a Mac)
So the set-up wouldn’t work… Am I supposed to return to the Sony store ㅜㅜ
I went to Jurlique and bought some foundation..
I went to see a Nicolas Cage movie called ‘Knowing’
But I couldn’t fight the time difference and slept ^^ I wasn’t even “falling asleep”—I just straight up slept
American movie theatres.. stink ㅜㅜ the popcorns only so-so and just expensive
And the screen quality seriously… stinks
I bought some spicy rice cakes from Koreatown and ate it..
There’s a TV in my room now > < It was in SoHee’s room but she said she doesn’t use it so I brought it
I really, really like it keke

I’m living a really mundane life, aren’t I?
The last time I came I thought of it more as a vacation
So I took lots of pictures and roamed around here and there
But now.. It’s just life keke

I’ll buy the CD
And upload all the pictures I took since last year keke
But I don’t know how to upload pictures onto the diary…?

Bye~ ^^
Translated by ppopki @spectacle


2 responses to “[info] Yeeun New Cyworld entry

  1. ♥MiSoBinYe♥

    YeEunnie !! please upload some pics in ur diary ^^
    im so happy to see this
    thank u wgchristine and ppopki

  2. haha ye eun so adorable in this post
    thanks for the translation
    and ye eun sure does love her food 🙂

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