[news] KARA Voted as Having Strong ‘Second in Line’ Image Behind WG & SNSD, 090408

Hong JinHo, Park MyungSoo, KARA Selected as Celebrities with the Strongest ‘Second in Line’ Image
By Lee SangTaek of IlGan Sports (lst65@joongang.co.kr)


Pro-gamer Hong JinHo, comedian Park MyungSoo, and singing group KARA have been selected as the celebrities with the strongest ‘Second in Line’ image.

Community portal DCInside (CEO Kim YooShik) held a survey from April 1 through April 7 asking, “Which celebrity has the strongest ‘Second in Line’ image?” Out of 1473 votes, Hong JinHo ranked first with 1080 votes (73.3%). Hong JinHo is a star in the Star Craft world; however, his defeats to Im YoHwan and Lee YoonYeol have earned him the disappointment that follows from always being ‘second in line’.

Second place, with 225 votes (15.3%), was taken by comedian Park MyungSoo. Park MyungSoo, who became ‘second in line’ through his constant coveting of MC Yoo JaeSuk’s position in ‘Infinite Challenge’ is currently getting laughs through his trademark characteristic of acting weak around the strong and acting strong around the weak.

Third place went to KARA who is shut out of competition by the Wonder Girls & Girls’ Generation as they struggle to demonstrate their shining qualities. KARA earned 76 votes (5.2%). The remaining slots were filled by golf’s Kim MiHyun, singer Yoon JongShin, singer Shin JungHwan, and marathon runner Lee BongJoo.

[Source: ISplus]
[Translation: Ppopki@Spectacle]


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