[News] Wonder Girls’ First Concert, “They Are JYP’s Children.”

Wonder Girls had their first solo concert in 10 years after SES and Finkl.

Mnet ‘Welcome to Wonderland’ (Producer Shin ChunJi) which showed Wonder Girls’ no makeup face to their amazing performances on stage will end on the 10th. Kim Dong Hyun, who planned Wonder Girls’ first solo concert from Good Concert, said, “Whenever a concert is finished, there’s always desire for more rather than satisfaction.”

Kim said, “This concert’s real significance is that it’s the ‘first girl group concert since SES and Finkl’s 10 years ago’” and “Concerts aren’t something that can be perfected and put into play by simple singing talent and popularity. You need to know that this is the first girl group that came out that can allow fans and people to listen, watch, and enjoy together nation wide.”

Also, Kim said “Like teacher like student, Wonder Girls’ is very stubborn and careful in details,” adding, “Wonder Girls would have just succeed by following the instructions since it’s their first concert, but as the girls constantly suggested their points of view and opinion on their solo stages, I noticed that they were definitely Park JinYoung’s students.”

Kim added that since his working with JYP at JYP’s 2007 “Bad Party” till now, he knew that JYP was a perfectionist that didn’t just pass over 1 minute or even a second and worked harder to make it a better concert.

On the other hand, ‘Welcome to Wonderland’ received love from many fans and citizens saying that the girls constant hard work, sweat and tears for each little thing was a reason why they are so loved by the nation.

They also showed a different side to what is constantly known as an artistic concert through the long practices and stages that were constantly changed.

Wonder Girl’s first solo concert happened after many repetitive meetings that upgraded the stages to show Sohee’s perfect silhouette and YooBin’s powerful dance skills, and the other members’ solo stages.

‘Welcome to Wonderland’’s last episode will show the perfectly conducted Seoul Concert and the solo stages that created a big issue, and after the concert where Wonder Girls tear up at the letters given by the concert staffs. The show broadcasts on the 10th at 6pm.

[Source: newsen]
[Credit: mtv.co.kr + xsimply juicy@Spectacle + sunmijjang.com]


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