[info] yeeun updated her cyworld 2009.04.09


[ pic credit: WonderHolic ]

2009.04.09 Thursday 01:42

By now you guys have probably
fallen asleep feeling excited
playing under the cherry blossoms… Haha

I went to the gym again ㅜㅜ
Today I took a yoga class too…
I exercised for the first time in a such long time yesterday
that it must have tired me out so much that
I slept for 10 hours. Kekekeke. I woke up in the morning and was shocked.

I don’t have anything in particular to say today.
The new season of ‘Lost’ started.
I’m going to make sure to tune in for every episode starting today. Keke
We have to watch our Ms. YoonJin Kim, don’t we? > <

Ah, that’s right.
There’s an American magazine called ‘People’. It has lots of things like gossip.
We were featured in it. Kekeke
Along with Utada, BoA, and Se7en… Kekeke
I’ll take a picture of it and upload it soon!

Be healthy and sweet dreams~

translation credit: ppoki @ spectacle


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