[News] Thailand picks Wonder Girls as their favorite Korean Singer 090416


The Korean-Thai Chamber of Commerce (KTCC) conducted four rounds of surveys between 2/27-3/26 asking 489 Thais who their favorite Korean actor, actress ,and singer were. In the end, Thailand picked Bae Yong Jun, Song Hye Gyo, and WG as their favorite Korean celebrities. Full results below:

Favorite Korean Actor:
1st – Bae Yong Jun (22.8%)
2nd – Won Bin (18.8%)
3rd – Kim Rae Won (13.3%)

Favorite Korean Actress:
1st – Song Hye Gyo (21.75%)
2nd – Yoon Eun Hye (20.4%)
3rd – Lee Da Hae (20%)

Favorite Korean Singer:
1st – Wonder Girls (out of the 371 ppl asked, 64 picked WG)
2nd – Bi/”The Rain” (61 votes)
3rd – Super Junior (56 votes)
4th – Big Bang (49 votes)
5th – DBSK (48 votes)

[Source queen@mydaily.co.kr + ¿ø´õÇ®¼±¹Ì@wonderholic]
[Translation: wonderkid@spectacle]


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