[Photos] Wonder Girls Chillin’ in NYC, Photos With Spectacle Gifts!!

cr. daum + wonder88 @ soompi

4D girls has cute make-up. after a poll within wg, yeeun was chosen with best no make-up face. yeeun has the most white and cleanest face recieved three votes and got first place

Sunye and yoobin is excited looking at the fan book american fans made for them. yoobin is happy her picture came out good.

Sunmi is saying she is sleepy and is rubbing her eyes. she goes and lays down next to yeeun and has a sleepy face for the pic.

“Hello?” again they are being playful. Actually we dont have a lot of cell phone calls (?) so we make calls a lot with our shoes. these phones only work if you are within 5 meters.

Sunmi suddenly gets a funny idea and uses the phone as a shower head. Behind sunmi, you can see our clean jype USA room. Here jlim, g-soul, min, and others are preparing for a US debut. Jype fighting!

OF course our youngest sohee with the best skin gets close to the camera in her best selca pose. her eyebrows may look light but her no make-up face is much cuter.

Everyone came on SBS Intimate Note. On a radio show they joking said they were kind of awkward so the ended up on intimate note. truthfully we are all close …wg is the most important so fans dont worry. Yoobin Going on a walk with Sohee.

“Batman” Yoobin is so hungry… they were caught visiting a korean restuarant nearby. The lady preparing the food is coming, we go out to eat on weekends.

although we came to have fun, we cant have fun 100%. park pd is preparing for our american debut right now. we are also working hard and discussing about our debut.

Sunmi’s nickname 4d, cute sunmi looks good on ny street.

wow who’s that sexy guy. Uncle jyp on stage is full of charisma and power. normally he forgets his age is playful.

ON the 28th, after ending the Seoul Concert, the members hugged together and cried together. Between the stages we were very busy but that didnt stop our playfulness. Sohee and Sunmi takes a cute V pic.

Yeeun’s face looks frozen because of nervousness? 2am Jung Jin Woon is measuring his mouth

waiting for the next stage after changing clothes.

Source: daum
cr.sunmijjang.wordpress.com (Translated by: Sunmikiwangjang)

oh my godness i’m totally goin insane now ! yay !!! for spectacle 🙂


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