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[News] Wonder Girls, FreeStyle Fan Meeting

FS Invitation-Lets go Meet The Wonder Girls

The registration period for this fanmeeting will be held from 29 May 2009 till 3rd June 2009. Fans will have to leave comments on FS Story to participate and the Winners will be announced on the 4th June.

Event will be held on 6th June from 1.30pm to 3.30pm at 대학로 천년동안도 (no idea where is this place), Fans will be able to play games with the Wonder Girls and ask questions to the Wonder Girls etc.





yeeun and her friend

Her companions in food

[event]Wonder Girls Twitter the winners!

wondergirls ningin

The Wonder Girls have twittered the gift winners from our first event! Congrats! JYPE USA will be contacting you all for your information shortly, but for now, just enjoy the moment, you’ve got hand picked gifts from the Wonder Girls coming soon!

Straight from the girls’ twitters!


“thank you patrick ma (facebook) and hui xian (myspace)! i am so happy, everyone is so sweet to me ^^ love you all! <3”


“congrats to my winners Katie Schafer (facebook) & Dyron (myspace)!!! I love you soooo much!!!”


“the winners are…. Jeffrey Kuo (Facebook) & Alex/AJ (MySpace)!!! i LOVED your rap & message smile i hope you guys like my present~ ^_^”


“Hey Mimi fans! Mimi’s away in Korea as you know. But she chose her two winners before she left for me to tell you!!”

“My winners: Ethel Jaminal (FB) & ahyoungxp (MS). Thanks for everything! Mimi’s: Kristen Hoosier (FB) & coryonlovesjapan (MS)! LOVE, SOHEE smile

Since Mimi is currently in Korea, Sohee has twittered on her behalf, but make sure to follow Mimi’s twitter as well!

Official Wonder Girls Facebook
Official Wonder Girls Myspace

: AllKpop

[News] FT Island Showcase In Singapore Next Month, Wonder Girls To Come Again? 090527


– Only 800 Tickets Up For Grabs!

Despite the economy downturn, Korean 5-member band, FT Island, will be here in Singapore for a showcase next month as requested by local fans.

Ever since the Korean Pop Night Concert was held late last year, there wasn’t any performance by Korean artistes here in Singapore.

However, there are still many K-pop supporters around and due to the request of many fans, local entertainment company, Datzentertainment, invited Korean band, FT Island, here in Singapore to do a showcase.

The tickets are not selling just yet, but the organizer has already received several phonecalls from local and overseas fans.

According to the organizer, FT Island’s debut performance in Singapore will be held on 26th June at Dragonfly.

Though the tickets are for sale, due to space limitations, the organizer will only be selling 800 tickets, priced at SGD$100 each.

Person-in-charge commented that, “The current economy is bad and most of the fans belong to the younger age group, therefore we did not price the tickets too high.”

As to why FT Island was invited to Singapore, she explained that, “Local fans have been looking for organizers who can bring the band in to Singapore. We are just answering their requests and so far the response has been good.”

Though tickets are only on sale starting this Saturday (30th May), the organizer has already received several enquiry phonecalls from local and overseas fans.
Many overseas fans are worried that they cannot get the tickets as there are only 800 tickets for sale.

“The pressure is big because this is not only FT Island’s debut perfomarnce in Singapore, it is also our first time bringing in Korean artistes in to Singapore for performance. If the response is good, we might even consider bringing in Wonder Girls, SS501, or other Korean artistes to Singapore for performance.

FT Island consists of 5 members, ranging from 17 to 19 years of age.
Since their debut in 2007, they have been receiving lots of attention from the music industry. Members include team leader Choi Jonghun, Lee Hongki, Oh Wonbin, Lee Jaejin and Choi Minhwan.

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[News] There is No Resting from the Girl Groups 090527

The activity of girl groups will continue without stopping this year.

Last year, the the girl group activity was busier than ever. Wondergirls was in the center of it all, and the representative girl group SNSD led the fever this year.

Last year, Wonder Girls showed to be most active, creating a girl-group wave with their song “Nobody.” Wonder Girls made everybody point their fingers and do the gun dance to the song, and gathered a lot of momentum to hold their first concert. On Mnet chart, the album reached the top just two days after it went on sale, and it also placed first for 5 weeks.

Likewise, SNSD continued on this fever for girl groups this year. SNSD was noticeably popular not only in the music world, but they also appeared on shows and CF’s very frequently because of their song, “Gee”. It was deserved to be called the “Gee” wave. SNSD placed 1st for 7 weeks on the same chart that Wondergirls placed 1st for 5 weeks. They had the honor of having first place for the longest amount of time.

If Wondergirls and SNSD captured music fans by showing their youthfulness, liveliness, and cuteness, then this summer, the girl group different than all the others will come out to continue with the wave.

These girls, 2NE1, were called “the Girl Big Bang” and became popular even before they debuted. 2NE1 sang the song “Lollipop” with the Big Bang members before they formally debuted, creating publicity, and are currently active promoting their debut song, “Fire.” Unlike previous girl groups, they have hip hop roots with their powerful performances on stage are their strong points.

SNSD, Wonder Girls, and 2NE1 who is continuing with the girl group streak, are not only going to energize the pop world, but they are making us expectant for more diverse girl groups.

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[Info] 2PM Heats up the Wonder Girls’ Event!

So the Wonder Girls are almost at 19,000 fans on Facebook! And remember JYPE USA promised to give out 1 autographed 2PM CD if the Wonder Girls broke 25,000 fans by May 29th, 2009 at 11:59pm EST?

Well, JYPE USA has just upped the ante!

If the Wonder Girls’ Official Myspace page hits 10,000 friends by Monday, June 1st, 2009 at 11:59PM EST, JYPE USA will give out three autographed 2PM CDs and two autographed Wonder Girls CDs!

If the Wonder Girls’ Official Facebook page hits 25,000 fans by Monday, June 1st, 2009 at 11:59PM EST, JYPE USA will give out two autographed 2PM CDs!

Now go spread the love – You’ve got 3 more days!

Wonder Girls’ Official Facebook Fan Page
Wonder Girls’ Official Myspace Page


[News] Wonder Girls to return to Korea in June to flim CF

With SunMi’s sudden short return to Korea recently for personal matters, the WonderGirls will also be coming back to Korea with Park Jin Young beginning of June.

They will be back for CF filming, and once they are done with their CF filming, they will be heading back to America again.

JYP said on 27th, “They have a few schedules to run for in Korea next month. Even though nothing has been much decided, there are plans for them to return for a short while.”

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