{info} Wondergirls auction

Yoobin (Wondergirls)
Wondergirls’ rapper Yoobin has given her white scarf that she had enjoyed wearing in winter to the Star auction. The scarf has a flower pattern made from white furthreads and being light and feeling nice when weared is its specials. Yoobin said that “Like a scarf warms people in cold winters I’d like the money from this scarf become atleast a little strenght to children” is her reason for participation.

Sunmi (Wondergirls)
Sunmi has participated in the “star’s stuff sharing love ??? campaign” with her brown/red hat. The green fuzzy ball on top is very nice and it’s a fashion item that Sunmi enjoyed wearing in winter.

Sohee (Wondergirls)
Sohee who had transformed to popstar Beyonce at the first concert in Korea has given a red cap made from the material “Coduroi” (omg noway I understand this konglish ~.~). This Beanpole (yes the brand) item was worn by Sohee in winter when she went out.

Yeeun (Wondergirls)
Yeeun had sung the song “Killing Me Softly” at the first concert in Korea powerfully and surprised the spectaters. She has given a white Nike Tshirt. After having finished the first concert in Korea she is resting and will comeback this fall with a new composition.

Credits: Luxtoraa for the translation

oh godness lordy , yeeun is composing again!!!! * jump with joy *


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