[NEWS] Event 2: Special in-person event with the Wonder Girls!

I know you guys have all been dying to find out about the next Wonder Girls event, but before we get into that, make sure to follow all of the girls Twitters, because the Wonder Girls will be announcing the gift winners from Event 1 through their Twitters on May 29th, 2009!You may be wondering why May 29th, well keep those guesses coming, because my lips are sealed.

Sun’s Twitter | Yenny’s Twitter | Yubin’s Twitter | Sohee’s Twitter | Mimi’s Twitter

Now, onto Event 2! On a side note, thanks to Jeff at WGSpectacle for inviting me onto the radio show last Friday. I did good keeping my lips sealed eh? See, I told you Wonderfuls you couldn’t get anything out of me! And just for the record, I couldn’t have thought of a better way to spend a Friday night.

Ok, really, now that we have all formalities aside, allkpop and JYPE USA present the 2nd Wonder Girls Event in NYC!

JYPE will be choosing 2 fans from Facebook and 2 friends from Myspace, for a SPECIAL EVENT with the WONDER GIRLS at the JYP USA Headquarters, JYP Manhattan Center!

In order to qualify:
– You must be a fan of the Wonder Girls on either, or both their:
Official Myspace and Official Facebook pages.
*2 Facebook Fans and 2 Myspace Friends will be notified on May 22nd, 2009.

And here’s a special bonus!
– If the Wonder Girls hit 15,000 Facebook fans, JYPE will be giving 1 fan or friend an autographed Wonder Girls CD.
– If the Wonder Girls hit 25,000 Facebook fans, JYPE will be giving 1 fan or friend an autographed 2PM CD.
*These numbers need to be hit by May 29th, 2009 at 11:59pm EST, so spread the word!

Good luck to everyone, and for a sneak peak at what this special event with the Wonder Girls at the JYP Manhattan Center may be, check out the video below!

[Source: Allkpop]

Thanks ll_borderline @ soompi for the heads up!


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