[News] Wonder Girls, we fell into their craze last year!” 090519

This is the news that Singapore has fallen into the ‘Nobody’ dance craze from the Wonder Girls. It was reported on the 17th, through Singapore’s mass media that Wonder Girls have a lot of popularity under the name “Nobody Dance craze”.

Wasn’t it USA that Wonder Girls went to? But it’s not the USA they went to that they are so popular in but it’s Singapore. It is a happy thing that that Wonder Girls’ songs are not only popular in Korea but in other countries as well.

So will they breakthough Singapore instead of USA? It was said that in Singapore, not only Wonder Girls fans but also Clubbers, Students have fallen into Wonder Girls’ ‘Nobody’ dance. But yes, last year there was also a time when we fell into the craze thanks to Nobody’s catchy melody.

Here they’ve fallen into the craze only now. How is it? The song wraps itself around your ear, doesn’t it?

‘Nobody’ is easy to memorise melody and provoking dance is creating a hot wind in whole Asia. According to Singapore, ‘Nobody’ is not only played in clubs but the dance is also taught in dance schools.

Wonder Girls have performed ‘Nobody’ at the ‘Korean Pop Night Concert’ at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in November last year. Is that the reason for their popularity? Wonder Girls are no longer unknown singers in Singapore. Well isn’t it a natural thing that they have captivated Singaporeans with the friendly melody and dance? And there is even a netizen who goes often to the club and teaches the ‘Nobody’ dance through the internet?

Our Wondergirls we are proud of. With the charm that they have captivated Singapore we hope they will captivate USA in a flash.

[Source: ETN TV]
[Translation: Luxtoraa@sunmijjang.com]


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