[event]Wonder Girls Twitter the winners!

wondergirls ningin

The Wonder Girls have twittered the gift winners from our first event! Congrats! JYPE USA will be contacting you all for your information shortly, but for now, just enjoy the moment, you’ve got hand picked gifts from the Wonder Girls coming soon!

Straight from the girls’ twitters!


“thank you patrick ma (facebook) and hui xian (myspace)! i am so happy, everyone is so sweet to me ^^ love you all! <3”


“congrats to my winners Katie Schafer (facebook) & Dyron (myspace)!!! I love you soooo much!!!”


“the winners are…. Jeffrey Kuo (Facebook) & Alex/AJ (MySpace)!!! i LOVED your rap & message smile i hope you guys like my present~ ^_^”


“Hey Mimi fans! Mimi’s away in Korea as you know. But she chose her two winners before she left for me to tell you!!”

“My winners: Ethel Jaminal (FB) & ahyoungxp (MS). Thanks for everything! Mimi’s: Kristen Hoosier (FB) & coryonlovesjapan (MS)! LOVE, SOHEE smile

Since Mimi is currently in Korea, Sohee has twittered on her behalf, but make sure to follow Mimi’s twitter as well!

Official Wonder Girls Facebook
Official Wonder Girls Myspace

: AllKpop


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