[news]5 things you need to know about Jonas brothers`opening act , wondergirls


Well, you already know the first VERY IMPORTANT THING about the Korean girl group Wonder Girls, and that is that…

1.) THEY’RE OPENING FOR THE JONAS BROTHERS on the U.S. leg of their Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 (along with Honor Society and Jordin Sparks!)

2.) Wonder Girls are from South Korea, and they’re one of the biggest groups in all of Asia. Like Jonas Brothers-famous in Asia. But don’t worry uniglots — Wonder Girls also sing in English.

3.) Their biggest album to date is The Wonder Years, and their biggest singles are “So Hot,” “Nobody,” and “Tell Me.” They should be releasing “Nobody” as their first U.S. single this month.

4.) Wonder Girls, like 2PM, are part of the JYP Entertainment empire, founded by singer-songwriter/ producer/ entertainment mogul Jin Young Park(or JYP), who’s a legend in the K-pop kingdom.

5.) The Wonder Girls sound is part R&B, part pop, with power hooks (they covered Pussycat Dolls’ “Don’t Cha” early on in their career). They’re sexy-cute (so watch yourself, Nick!), stylish, and their look is pure retro-nuevo modern-day Motown. Think throwback mod minis to go with their R&B Aguilera-style power hooks. Winehouse without all that wine.

Anyway, Wonder Girls actually aren’t strangers to U.S. at all, and their Jonas tour won’t be their first trip to America — they made a special trip to MTV headquarters in New York City and gave an exclusive performance for their fans at MTV Iggy. (And Buzzworthy snuck in! They were phenomenally fun! And so glittery! And so adorable!)

+ Watch Wonder Girls’ exclusive MTV Iggy performance of “Tell Me,” and watch their “Nobody” video, and get their tour dates after the jump. Plus, get more Wonder Girls at MTV Iggy!


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