[Stream] Wonder Girls China Promotional Clips

But they mixed up the chinese description for Sunmi, Sohee & Sunye :/

她 随和, 温柔 有着一对迷人酒窝 – Yeeun
She is easy going, gentle and has a pair of attractive dimples.

她 大气, 宽容 喜欢像小狐狸一样微笑 – Sunye
She has character, is lenient and likes to laugh like a little wolf

她 单纯, 抽风 眼神游离 特爱傻笑 – Sunmi
She is simple, airs out, attention drifts away and especially loves to laugh foolishly

她 内向, 可爱 时常鼓起包子脸 – Sohee
She is quiet, cute and frequently does a bun(mandoo) face

她 开朗, 帅气 像男孩样的爽朗 – Yoobin
She is cheerful, cool & frank like a guy

Sina Webchat Room Video

[Chinese Translation: Christine + iLOVEsunmi@sunmijjang.com]


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