[News] Wonder Girls to hold Solo Concert in Shanghai

Wonder Girls Solo Concert in Shanghai – Activities in China have begun

All-female group, the Wonder Girls have begun promotional activities in China after conquering both Thailand and America. Wonder Girls are planning to release an album and stage a series of solo concerts in Shanghai at the end of the year.

After America, they have now set their sights on the Asian markets. It is apparent that global domination is rapidly within their sights. It has been decided that Wonder Girls will hold 2 solo concerts in China during the late November, early December period. This will be accompanied by an album release with an announcement on Sina indicating intentions to successfully conquer the Chinese market.

The Wonder Girls will be having their first interview in Beijing on the 10th of June and are expected to stay in Beijing for 2 days and 1 night in order to fulfil promotional responsibilities. CCTV is the official broadcaster of all Wonder Girls related promotional activities.This will include a live and interactive public interview. Additionally, they will be holding a press conference involving some 150 reporters and representatives from both Beijing and Korea.

CCTV will provide live coverage of all related promotional events. These shall be screened on MTV Asia as well, on a later date. You will also be able to catch live streaming of the activities at CCTV.com

This will be the first time the Wonder Girls are having activities in China since their debut some 2 years ago in 2007.

[Translation: [D]enise@SGwonderful.com for sunmijjang.com]
[Credits: in the image]


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