[News] Ye Eun’s message to Hyuna, 090619

two years ago.
you were someone who had fun more than anyone
someone with more tears&laughter
someone who was on stage to overwhelm spectators
someone who was once our youngest child

you are now 18 years old
you are on stage again, cooler & prouder than anyone else
said by someone who known you for two years.

the pain & tears hung on.
not being on stage for a while now,
people are worried for any injuries.

many have mixed feelings before,
but i want to give you a big applause.

hyun ah,
the first broadcast & the second broadcast, they were so good!
i’m in America right now (New York, not anywhere else!)
my cellphone broke & I threw it away
so i can’t give you a proper congratulations
you are one cool person
& i will be looking forward for a cool performance in the future.

i love you.

wonder girls ♡ 4minute

[credit: dothat36 @soompi.com]
[translated by: `heejin-ssi@ 4minute thread]


2 responses to “[News] Ye Eun’s message to Hyuna, 090619

  1. aww…..yeeun so sweet ❤
    WG ftw! 4minutes ftw!

  2. Oh My God!!!!… Ye Eun !!…I really love you (Ye Eun)… you so sweet!! and you always miss your friend( Hyuna) .. You Know .. when I read this message I was cried cuz’ I really apprecited in yours !!!!….. I wish you have a happiness and continued successsful in your life and I will promise you ,I will always support Wonder Girls Fover More!!!!….. Cheer ….

    God Bless You….

    Take Care with Lovely Big Hugs (Wonderful Thailand)….(^_^)…..

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