[Info] Random Twits on Wonder Girls, 090620

Starting from 20 Hours ago twit to to 5mins ago twits. 😀 have fun..

Woh! Wonder Girls are in Dallas and rehearsing with Jonas Brothers! ❤ http://bit.ly/wWYWZ ♪ Nobody nobody but youuuu ♪ WG Jjang!!!

K-POP fans! JYP on twitter!!! RT @Babelpop: just found out from sunmijjang’s blog that JYP is on twitter @followjyp

^Credit: redevilica

Jut met the wonder girls!


Just met the wonder girls! <—emily*

^Credit: emily_is_here

Korean Pop Sensation, Wonder Girls, is still in my playlist after “Nobody” hit the air one year ago. Why am I still enamored for them girls?


My friends are in Dallas at a Jonas concert and I think they have VIP passes? Anyway, they got to talk to the Wonder Girls.


Just met papa Jonas, Johnny wright, and wonder girls!

^Credit: Kjlambert

Listening to Super Junior, Big Bang, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, SNSD, KARA, and of course my girl Younha. It’s Korean fest night. XD


My sis got to see wonder girls and yoobin texted me Kyaa

Kyaa yoobin said hi to me ah! And i think Alex pettyfer was on et

Wonder girls are in orgeon when i am


Should I go to NY to see the Wonder Girls? Even though that entails seeing the Jonas Brothers…


quero dançar Tell Me das Wonder Girls D:


Are the Wonder Girls at the dress rehearsal too? I hope its an awesome tour, I’m sure it will be!


Hello Saturday. I don’t know why but that Wonder Girls song, Nobody, has been stuck in my head since last night. Dangit.


_mvp_ Female group sensation, Wonder Girls, is still in my playlist after “Nobody” hit the air a year ago. Why am I still enamored for them girls?

^Credit: _mvp_

wonder girls in town?


I love BEYONCÉ , Ciara, wONDER gIRLS, and Big bang. I listeing to all of them!! Im twittering on the comupter to my awsome follwers!!


Had the BEST time ever at dress rehersal! Met the band, wonder girls, jordin AND honor society! Those guys are the best! Got bitten by some

^Cresdit: lawreignd

@lawreignd how were the wonder girls?


all the boys be loving me girls be hating me they will never stop coz they know i’m SO HOT!!! *so hot-wonder girls*


Crazy Thailand Katoey Wonder Girls Parodie: Eine Gruppe junger Thai Kathoey parodiert den Song Nobody von den Wo.. http://tinyurl.com/mumrj2


Feeling ever so slightly excluded at life. Thankfully 4minute & Wonder Girls & the wonderful world of K-pop give me attitude & confidence


Wow, the English version of Nobody by the Wonder Girls comes out on the 27th June. 🙂


It’s playing in this order now: Frank Sinatra, Pussycat dolls, Wonder girls…………………..

^Credit: dinuks

Just researched the wonder girls and found out they are really popular in asia <—emily*


i need me a wonder girls case.. NOW, THAT’S FIERCE!




Ah, if only I could go to the Jonas Brothers tour. Well, not to see them lol. To see the Wonder Girls!


[Credit: Sunmijjang.com]


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