[Info] Random Twits on Wonder Girls, 090622

@fashionpirate my stylist, is going on tour with the wondergirls. now i know y they sounded familiar: i was asked to help do their hair b4!

@QueenNaoko omg!!! the wonder girls! lol. i was supposed to help her do heir hair before.

^credit: queengilda

@queengilda oooh that’s okay, you can be the one known to turn down the wonder girls


@airJORDANtwo3 wonder girls will open for the Jonas brothers, Korean girl group! They’re only opening for shows in the west coast 😦


I got this song, Nobody by Wonder Girls. It keeps playing inside my head. I want nobody nobody but you…~ Argh.


http://tinyurl.com/chw6g3 will this singing group from Korea break the American Market. Presenting the “Wonder Girls” Asia’s biggest group.


i love the wonder girls!!!


Wonder Girls is good soul. and good luck



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