[News]Wonder Girls Fans Have Spoken, Still Number One! Pics from Dallas!

Wonder Girls fans have spoken! In a poll conducted by SRADIOCLUB.COM during June 15th to June 22nd, Wonder Girls are the girl group people will support during this summer.

Although they have no new albums coming out, they have been active in the United States. Their song ‘Nobody’ will be made into English and released on Amazon.com for everyone to purchase (and please do purchase it to support). They will also be touring the states with the Jonas Brothers. Hopefully, we do not see a scandal because it will drive all the Sohee and Sunmi fans into rage.

1,147 members of SRADIOCLUB voted on the poll and it seems we have a clear winner. With 663 votes and 57.8% of the votes, Wonder Girls has dominated the other girl groups. Coming in a not so close second was Girls Generation (SNSD) with 193 votes (16.8%).

In a campaign launched by Wonder Girls fans, the polls even hit Korea. We had visitors come vote from dedicated WG blogs and even Korean Daum cafes!

Just today, on his Twitter, JYP posted a pic of the concert rehearsal and released this statement.

“Comin back from da Dallas rehearsal. Me & da Girls finally realized how big this opportunity really is. We’ll do our best to maximize this opportunity for us & for u guys. This is truly an amazing stage. Hey Portland! I need your luv this Saturday!”

[source: sradioclub.com]

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