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  2. hi i really love your site and ye eun of course
    maybe you could put on some music?

  3. To Wonder Yen: We Will Try Work On That but From what i know, to put on some music in wordpress is quite troublesome! Anyway, thanks for loving our site 🙂

  4. ok try your best thanks !

  5. thanks for this site! i’m a huge of ye eun but too bad i don’t have much to contribute. i only have like 3 fanmade videos but there pretty much repetitive lol. anyway i’m loving the site and you guys are doigna great job. i hope someone who has great skills in photoshop can contribute to the layouts of the page. it’s good already but i think more colors and such would be great. still love this site though 😀

  6. to lad33x:

    i saw your video on youtube! i think ur fan-made video of ye eun is awesome so i decidd to post it on ye eun-holic 🙂 hope you don’t mind.

    thnks for loving our site, we will continue to make ye eun-holic into a better fansite!

  7. oh that’s cool i don’t mind at all 😀 awesome i’m gonna be like a stalker on this blog only when i have time though lol. keep up the good work, if i can help somehow i’ll contribute!

  8. to lad33x: ok sure, look forward you contributing to our site 🙂 keep supporting ye eun-holic ~

  9. hello~ i am one of Ye Eun fans!

    anyway, thanks for starting this blog.

    I’ve got a suggestion to make, and its okay if you guys disagree with me.

    Yeah, about the snap shots floating around when we hoover the mouse over the links. No offence, but its kind of annoying and distracting when you are trying to read something. Its better to turn it off, in my opinion.

    However, it is merely a suggestion, so its okay if you think my suggestion is rubbish or what not. ^^

    Anyway~ keep up the good work. I’ll visit this site often for days to come!

  10. to far: ok thanks for your suggestion, we’ve turn it off 🙂

    don’t worry, we love comments and suggestion from readers! at least you voice it out and we can make changes!

    thankyou ~

  11. i just wanted to say congrats to you because it you haven’t noticed, this site has jumped from 5,000 just a few days ago to almost 10,000! and more people know about this site now because of those ye eun fans who post on soompi, pictures from this site and credit the site 😀 woohoo ye eun-holic!!

  12. to lad33x:

    haha yup! our hits increase so much is all from the help our site readers, including you 🙂

    thanks for supporting, we will promised to bring more great stuffs of wondergirls and ye eun to everyone.

  13. i love this site because im ye eun-holic…

  14. to wogen/wgph:

    haha i’m ye eun-holic too! thanks for loving our site ^^

  15. Hi,I really grateful that there is a ye eun site.
    Tell you the truth,I seldom go to others members wordpress.
    And I am happy that your speed of posting wonder girls’s news,videos and pictures are becoming faster and faster. I really liked your caps.haha your cap water mark style is somehow similar to the korean 1,haha,i liked it vry much!It makes the simple cap looked more sophiscated!Dear author, I really liked all your exclusive pics and info. Ye Eun wordpress is no 1 site for me.

  16. this is so wonderful, i’m not a fan of many sites but this one blew me off rite guys are doing such a great job with it, thanks for everything that you guys have on and for all the time and effort. i’m always gonna be up on this site, keep it up!!!

  17. to & eunsun:

    argh,sweet 🙂
    we always know what there is readers like u guys so no matter what problems we encounter, we will also definately bring you the best things we can find about ye eun & wondergirls!

    we appreciate you spent time coming to our comment page to give us the feedback our this site 😀

    Ye eun-holic fighting!

  18. aww, no problem. i appreciate all the time you give up to keep us up to date with ye eun and the wonder girls..this site really make my day…

    ye eun-holic fighting all the way!!

    w/my support!!

  19. Hello.
    Is there a code for your banner so I can put it on my Myspace page?
    If so, may I please have it?
    Thank you.

  20. to sonny lovely:

    this is the link for the banner:

  21. Hello 🙂 , I’m from wondergirlsthailand fansite
    heard that you were there for link exchange ?
    Well , here’s ours

    and my we have yours ?

    regard ,

    Wonder Girls Thailand .com Team

  22. Oh dear … I’m not able to post the link of our banner = =”
    So , This is a pic

  23. i’m korean wonderful! hahaha

    this fansite is very wonderful ^^**

    yeaeun forever ㅜㅜ!! ha

  24. hello there!!

    i was wondering if you have anything that consist of eunsun couple?!?

  25. hi hi!! can u help link my eunsun blog here? 😀
    here is the banner link
    thanks 😉

  26. wgchristine

    @ ang3lov3snow linked ^^

  27. miki&ye eun

    u r so cute !!!!!
    and u r voice so beautiful!!!!!

  28. Thailand
    Hi YEEUN how are you .I love you.

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