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[News] Wonder Girls’s Message in Thriller 25th Anniv. Album, 090626

A look back at the WG’s thoughts on Michael Jackson

Excerpted from:

Praise for Michael Jackson from 25 Korean Singers

By MoneyToday

Michael Jackson died in a LA residence on the 25th. Last year marked the 25th anniversary release of his signature album ‘Thriller (1982)’. The Korean version of the album included liner notes from 25 of the country’s most famous singers and became a hot topic of discussion at the time.

‘Thriller’ was the album that anointed Michael Jackson with the title of the “King of Pop”. It also heavily influenced many singers in Korea. Right now, the whole world is mourning the death of Michael Jackson. But here we will take another look at the 25 of the congratulatory messages that celebrated the his 25th anniversary.

Wonder Girls
“It’s probably natural that we wouldn’t know too much about many of the events that occurred 25 years before we were born. But what we do know for certain is how important Michael Jackson was and how much he influenced pop music 25 years ago and also from then until this very day. And that all that began with this very album.”

[Source: MoneyToday]
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[Photos] Wonder Girls and US fans at Jonas Brothers Concert, Dallas

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[Info+Photos] JYP Twitter Update, photo with Wonder Girls 090620

“ Comin back from da Dallas rehearsal. Me & da Girls finally realized how big this opportunity really is. We’ll do our best to maximize this opportunity for us & for u guys. This is truly an amazing stage. Hey Portland! I need your luv this Saturday! ”

[Source: JYP’s Twitter]
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[Stream] Promo Video for Wonder Girls at Jonas Brothers Concert

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[Info+Photos] Wonder Girls Rehearsal With Jonas Brothers

– Check out the Pink Cases we made for the Wonder Girls Tour..You Go Girls !

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Chillen with the Wonder Girls, no big.

Just got moved to 3rd row, and still hanging with the Wonder Girls. I love my life, seriously.

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[Pics]New cf ?

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[News] Wonder Girls Drop Out of High School 090615

So-hee and Sun-mi, two teenage members of Wonder Girls, have dropped out of high school to focus on their careers in America. The girls’ representative at JYP Entertainment admitted that the two girls voluntarily left school a while ago. They were both born in 1992.

According to their agency, So-hee and Sun-mi thought long and hard about dropping out of school with their families before making their final decision. They could have stayed in school if they were working only in Korea, but their overseas career necessitated a long absence from school, compelling them to stop their studies.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls plans to release a single album for the first time in the United States on June 27th. The songs in the album are the English versions of their biggest hits, “Nobody” and “Tell Me.” The girls will also open the concerts for American pop idol Jonas Brothers from June 27 through mid-August. The first regular album of Wonder Girls in America will roll out sometimes in ! September or October of this year.

[Source: KBS World]
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