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[Photos] (FanTaken) Wonder Girls BTS in China 10~11 June 09

[Credit: Daum + Naver + PYE.WP]


[News] China’s Boy Band “Feng Yun” Surprises The Wonder Girls With Gifts At The Showcase 090612

Yesterday (11th June) afternoon, Korea’s popular girl group Wonder Girls held a CCTV showcase recording in Beijing. China’s boy band “Feng Yun” who were also having their promotion activities for their first self-titled album, also attended the showcase and did a opening song “Top Star”. The Wonder Girls appeared in silver coloured mini skirt dresses and performed hit songs like “Tell Me”, “So Hot”, and of course the hit song that caused global phenomenon “Nobody”.

While China’s boy band “Feng Yun” appeared in a proper suit, they presented tradional handmade gifts to the each of the Wonder Girls’ members as a souvenir, wishing the girls all the best in attaining more beauty, knowledge, courage and success in their future endeavors, creating historical history.

Being a Korea’s popular nation sisters, Wonder Girls visited China this time round with stronger confidence. The dance moves in the hit song “Nobody”, is one that most of the people who wants to parody it. At the showcase, China’s “Feng Yun” group, also danced to Wonder Girls’ “Nobody” and of course the Wonder Girls happily saying that it was great.

In order to show their appreciation, “Feng Yun” group specially handpicked the traditional historical icons figurines as gifts for the Wonder Girls. In return, Wonder Girls thanked and also praised the boys, wishing them to be more charming and successful in their music careers. Also, hoping the boys would visit Korea some day, and the girls will bring the guys out for dinner.

[Source: Sohu]
[Translation: kimyoobin.wordpress.com]

[Photos] Wonder Girls at Sina-Studio Group Photo with fans 09-06-10

[NEWS] Wonder Girls To Heat Up Event For China’s CCTV

On the 11th of June , 3PM , Wonder Girls will appear as guests for a CCTV event . They will take part in the first phase of recording and will bring the house down with four of their hit songs from their new album , performing it live for the very first time .

Special point to note is that, Wonder Girls will be performing “Nobody” mandarin version together with their usual “korean style” dance step. & it is the girls’ first time singing live in mandarin.

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Also on the 11th of June , 10:30AM , producer JYP will bring along Wonder Girls as guests for CCTV.com’s “Idols on the Line” (?). Please leave behind questions that you might want to ask, and you might win tickets to CCTV’s programme recording on the 11th (applies to China residents only).

{Source: CCTV.com}
{Translations: onederbang ♥ @ kjpopbands.blogspot.com & kimyoobin.wordpress.com}