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[News] Ye Eun’s message to Hyuna, 090619

two years ago.
you were someone who had fun more than anyone
someone with more tears&laughter
someone who was on stage to overwhelm spectators
someone who was once our youngest child

you are now 18 years old
you are on stage again, cooler & prouder than anyone else
said by someone who known you for two years.

the pain & tears hung on.
not being on stage for a while now,
people are worried for any injuries.

many have mixed feelings before,
but i want to give you a big applause.

hyun ah,
the first broadcast & the second broadcast, they were so good!
i’m in America right now (New York, not anywhere else!)
my cellphone broke & I threw it away
so i can’t give you a proper congratulations
you are one cool person
& i will be looking forward for a cool performance in the future.

i love you.

wonder girls ♡ 4minute

[credit: dothat36 @soompi.com]
[translated by: `heejin-ssi@ 4minute thread]


{news} Ye Eun’s Cyworld Update, 090416


안녕하세요 ~ 예은입니다… ^^

어디에 써야하나 고민하다가

아무래도 다이어리가 가장 편하네요~ (스티커빼고…… )

잘 지내고 계시죠 다들?

저는 아주 잘 지내고 있어요~

오늘은 염색을 했어요.. (사진 올렸지요.. )

까만머리로 돌아갈까 하다가

주변분들의 만류와 추천이 뒤섞이면서

결국 갈색으로 결정, 아주 만족하고 있습니다 ^^

구경도 많이 하고, 맛있는 것도 많이 먹고 , 운동도 하고

소중한 경험들을 많이 하고 있어요 ..

팬카페나 팬사이트 눈팅도 열심히 하고 있구요 ㅋㅋ

가끔씩 글쓰고 싶은 충동을 느끼기도 하지만

그건 별로 좋은 생각이 아닌거 같아요~

제가 글을 쓰면 여러분이 저에 대한 글을 쓸때 아무래도

불편해질 거에요 ~

어쨌든 잘 보고 있습니다…. – – + 허허허 ㅋㅋ

아마 앞으로 twitter 라는 사이트를 통해서

사진이나 , 글을 많이 쓰게 될 거 같아요~ 동영상 이라던지..

왜 한국 사이트에 안올리고 미국 사이트에만 올리냐

라고 하시면 ,

제가 싸이에 사진을 올리려면 1층에서 4층까지 왕복 2번 해야합니다

라고 하면 변명이 안되…겠지만….

너무 섭섭해 하지 마시고 ㅜㅜ 가끔 이렇게도 쓸테니까..

늘 건강하시고 , 행복하셨으면 좋겠어요~ (이게 무슨 갑자기..

쪼꼼 많이 보고싶네요 ㅇㄷㅍ .. ^^

날씨 풀렸다고 너무 얇게 입지 마시고~ 알겠죠?

사 …… ㅅ…

사진 많이 올릴께요 안녕 ^ ^

Hello~ It’s Yeeun…^^
I was thinking where to write
but “Diary” is the most comfortable after all~ (Except for the stickers……) [Diary is a feature in cyworld smile.gif]
Everyone is fine right?
I’m very fine~
Today I dyed my hair.. (I’ve uploaded pictures..)
I was thinking of returning to black
but with the recommendations of the people around me
in the end I just choose brown, I’m very satisfied ^^
I’m seeing a lot, eating a lot of delicious thing, doing sports
I’m doing a lot of valuable experiences..
I’m also reading on fancafes and fansites keke
Even though I sometimes feel the urge to write
I don’t think that’s a very good idea~

If I write something you will feel burdened
when you write something~
Anyway I’m reading it…. – – + hohoho keke
Most probably I will through a site called twitter
upload pictures and write~ or be it videos..
If you ask why I don’t upload on a korean site and only on an american site,
If I want to upload a picture on cyworld I have to ??? from the 1st to the 4th floor twice [This is a literal translation…because I don’t use cyworld I don’t know what it means haha;;]
this isn’t a good..reason..
Don’t be too sad T_T I will still write occasionally like this..
Always be healthy, I wish you were happy~ (What is this suddenly..
I want to see you a little bit very much [ah i don’t know what ㅇ ㄷ and ㅍ symbolise in krn slang…;;]
Don’t wear too light clothing just because the weather got a bit warmer~ Understoof?
[Now comes a krn word joke tongue.gif It’s got to do with the words “picture” and “Love” they both start with “Sa/사” and Yeeun wrote:]
Sa……s… [<–starting to say i love you]
I will upload many pictures bye ^^ [<–then she changed to pictures haha]

CREDITS: Luxtoraa

[credit: Yeeun’s cyworld]

Big Bang and Wonder Girls Are Most Listened on Cyworld

You just can’t disconnect Big Bang and the Wonder Girls. Both groups have garnered 11 Cyworld Digital Music Awards amongst themselves since their debut and it’s no wonder that their songs are the most often heard on many Cyworld minihompies. (Off-topic: the Wonder Girls endorsed Baskin Robbins last year and it’s the turn of Big Bang this year. Pure coincidence
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thanks to Coolsmurf.wordpress.com