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[News] Wonder Girls’s Message in Thriller 25th Anniv. Album, 090626

A look back at the WG’s thoughts on Michael Jackson

Excerpted from:

Praise for Michael Jackson from 25 Korean Singers

By MoneyToday

Michael Jackson died in a LA residence on the 25th. Last year marked the 25th anniversary release of his signature album ‘Thriller (1982)’. The Korean version of the album included liner notes from 25 of the country’s most famous singers and became a hot topic of discussion at the time.

‘Thriller’ was the album that anointed Michael Jackson with the title of the “King of Pop”. It also heavily influenced many singers in Korea. Right now, the whole world is mourning the death of Michael Jackson. But here we will take another look at the 25 of the congratulatory messages that celebrated the his 25th anniversary.

Wonder Girls
“It’s probably natural that we wouldn’t know too much about many of the events that occurred 25 years before we were born. But what we do know for certain is how important Michael Jackson was and how much he influenced pop music 25 years ago and also from then until this very day. And that all that began with this very album.”

[Source: MoneyToday]
[Translation: ppopki@wgspectacle.com]


[Photos] Wonder Girls Sponsor clothes, 090610

MinAhn extras 😀

[credit: gyalmo@soompi.com]

[News]APA Top Ten: YouTube Clips of Celebrities Being Mobbed at Airports

Wonder Girls part- hahaha go SGwonderfuls

‘Nobody’ but you, Wondergirls

Korean girl group Wondergirls are on the rise to becoming international pop stars. They’ve been recognized numerous times by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton on his website, they’ve had US concerts, and they are slowly working their way to debuting in America. Even more fitting, like nearly almost every American celebrity now, they “Twitter.” And while some fans exhibit crazy behavior, the Wondergirls fans in Singapore greeted the Korean pop stars with a sweet rendition of their hit, “Nobody” – in Korean! It’s definitely much more pleasing to the ear than the usual bloodcurdling screams.

[credit: wickerman@soompi, lequynhanh46@Youtube]
[source: Aisian Arts UCLA ]

[NEWS] Wonder Girls To Heat Up Event For China’s CCTV

On the 11th of June , 3PM , Wonder Girls will appear as guests for a CCTV event . They will take part in the first phase of recording and will bring the house down with four of their hit songs from their new album , performing it live for the very first time .

Special point to note is that, Wonder Girls will be performing “Nobody” mandarin version together with their usual “korean style” dance step. & it is the girls’ first time singing live in mandarin.

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Also on the 11th of June , 10:30AM , producer JYP will bring along Wonder Girls as guests for CCTV.com’s “Idols on the Line” (?). Please leave behind questions that you might want to ask, and you might win tickets to CCTV’s programme recording on the 11th (applies to China residents only).

{Source: CCTV.com}
{Translations: onederbang ♥ @ kjpopbands.blogspot.com & kimyoobin.wordpress.com}

[Photos] Twitter/ Pikchur Update, 090511

LOL! hehe I see they’re watching American Idol. 😛


lastly, for someone who is missing Red-yenny 🙂 it was taken the day i dyed my hair brown !

“ yoob , mi and yen ~ hanging out in East village~ ”

“ yesterday, i went to East village w/ my friends, emmanuelle & ami. this place is “soba-ya” which serves the most delicious soba in new york !! (as far as i know ^^; ) emmanuelle is from switzerland, ami is from Japan~ so i learned several words from them > < ha ha and we had a lot of fun ~ ’cause we all have totally different table manners ! kk ”

“ waiting a cap , they look really tired , huh? ”

[source: http://pikchur.com/WGyenny%5D

[photo] Wonder Girls’ Facebook Update, 090429

“Thank you for all the gifts!!!”

Mimi’s birthday is only 2 days away!!

Source: Wonder Girls’ facebook